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How Rangefinders Work

Some brands of laser rangefinders work by emitting pulses of eye safe lasers. When the laser hits an object, it is bounced back and captured by the receiveing optics. The rangefinder calculates how long it took for the beam to bounce back from the object to determine the distance of the object.

Take into consideration that rangefinders will not be able to get an accurate distance for every object you wish. There are some elements that may not register a distance for various reasons. The best objects are large, light-colored, objects that are perpindicular to the rangefinder.

Rangefinders can be used for different reasons:

Different Uses for Rangefinders

Photographers: They can be used by photographers to get a distance between themselves and the object they wish to photograph.

Hunters: They can be used by hunters to get an exact distance between themselves and their target. Using rangefiders when you hunt will help to determine the distance between yourself and your target allowing you to calculate the distance the bullet will "fall". Since bullets don't travel in a straight line, but fall over time due to gravity, rangefinders will allow the hunter to determine how much of an angle the weapon should be held at to hit the target in the preferred spot.

Golfers: Trying to determine the distance between you and the green may be difficult. Using rangefinders to help determine distances while golfing will allow you to have a better game all together.

Buying Rangefinders

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Rangefinders can be used in many different ways. Be sure to use your rangefinders responsibly.

Common mispelling of Rangefinder is: Range Finder